This Website is Designed to Enlighten, Educate, and Impassion You
of the Emotional Benefits of Sharing with Others Less Fortunate.

"Please Start Your Own Philanthropic Adventure"

 The Inti Raymi Fund is an International Non-Profit Organization (501c-3), which Respectfully Helps Indigenous People Globally through Diverse Self-Help Projects within their Communities.

CHIMU – Inti Raymi Fund Founder
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Upcoming Projects

Who We're Helping Next:

“Stop Watching News Helplessly, Take Risk and Do Something”. Chimu

IRAN – Friendship Project

IRAQ - Yazidi Peoples - ISIL Kidnap Victims

LEBANON – Project Currently Being Researched

KENYA - Albino Machete Attack Victims

JORDAN - Syrian War Refugees in Bulging Camps

PERU - Street Vendors Self-Determination Program

If our message resonates with you and you would like our help getting your own non-profit organization started, please contact us.

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