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We are a non-profit organization, which Respectfully Supports People through Self-Determined Human Rights Projects.  We scour the world’s geopolitical news & attend United Nations conferences to find Nobel Causes to support.  Additionally, we document these projects we supported, to raise awareness and to help explain how we help communities.


Occasionally, we directly support organizations in the field, when we feel their organization is highly ethical & effective and they can effectuate our mission better than we can. – Chimu

Recent News

Our IRF Team is at the United Nations again.

We’re ‘s at the United Nations again attending the Annual World Conference for Indigenous Peoples Issues. At the UN, we will listen and learn from hundreds of Delegates from all over the world. We found that listening to others’ concerns and understanding different peoples’ issues, best prepares us to help those in need. At the UN, we developed Our Philosophy of asking two important questions upon arrival into our new communities: “What do you need?”, and “How can we help?”. Unlike other charities, we have no predetermined scripts or agendas, we simply engage with those who we are trying to help by listening and responding accordingly, providing most of all Dignity, Respect and Self-Confidence Building.

In addition to our research and observations at these Conferences, we’re in search of new causes and Projects to support, and we’re build great alliances with the delegates within these Indigenous Peoples Caucuses.

Chimu, Chaski & Elia

Photo: Chaski, Chimu & Elia capturing footage for our IRF Documentary

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